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Nolly on Masterpiece

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Helena Bonham Carter stars as soap opera legend Noele “Nolly” Gordon, one of the most famous faces on British TV in the 1960s and 70s, whose unceremonious firing from her hit show at the height of her career was front-page news. A bold exploration of how the establishment turns on women who refuse to play by the rules,  Nolly is an outrageously fun and wildly entertaining ride through Gordon’s most tumultuous years, and a sharp, affectionate and heart-breaking portrait of a forgotten icon.

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NollyOfficial Preview

Nolly, based on the true story of Noele Gordon, premieres Sunday, March 17, 2024.

Episode Guide

Episode One
At the height of her fame, British soap opera star Noele “Nolly” Gordon is suddenly fired from her hit series “Crossroads” without warning – but why?

Episode Two
Nolly’s last day on “Crossroads” is approaching, and she is desperate to know what will happen to her character, but her farewell is so shocking that nobody in the cast could have predicted it

Episode Three
Nolly is working in the cut-throat world of theatre, still haunted by the question: why was she fired from “Crossroads?” But when an unexpected answer arrives, can she seize the chance to reprise her role as Meg for one final curtain call?