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Donor Advised Funds

Nine PBS accepts grants through donor advised funds regularly, both large and small, and we are grateful for those who do so!

We welcome your gift to the Nine PBS through a DAF. A few tips for your consideration when you make a grant to Nine PBS through your DAF:

  1. Be sure to use our legal name “St. Louis Regional Public Media, Inc.” and Tax ID: 43-0685345 when making a grant through your DAF.
  2. Ask your fund to include your name and address on the check sent from the fund so that we can properly thank you, keep you updated on all the latest developments at Nine PBS, and share the good news of how your support for Nine PBS is making a difference.
  3. If you have questions about making a gift to Nine PBS through a DAF, please be in touch, contacting our Senior Director of Development, Roya Bromell, at or (314) 512-9129.


About Donor Advised Funds

Did you know donor-advised funds (DAFs) can help you save on your taxes, while helping your favorite nonprofits?

The DAF, sometimes called a charitable account or charitable savings account, allows the donor to make donations to the DAF to maximize their tax deductions on a timeline that suits them, “bunching” their giving if needed, while regularly and consistently making grants to and supporting the organizations they love.

DAFs can be established at financial institutions like Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, Vanguard Charitable or at community foundations through our friends at the St. Louis Community Foundation or the YouthBridge Community Foundation.

Giving through a DAF allows for flexibility and ease in giving for the donor, with several advantages for the donor, as well:

  • Gifts to the DAF are generally eligible for an immediate tax deduction.
  • The fund can allocate grants to the nonprofit of your choice when it makes sense for the donor.
  • DAFs grow tax-free, allowing you to increase your philanthropy and your impact, and earnings are tax-exempt.
  • DAFs are easy to start and administer. They can often be established online and grant recommendations can be made online, too.
  • A DAF can be a more affordable option than establishing a private foundation.
  • A wide range of assets may be accepted through a DAF, such as cash, stocks, and real estate, and art, to name a few.
  • DAFs help you track your donations, allowing you to give strategically.
  • DAFs allow you to set up recurring donations to keep steady support for organizations you love.
  • DAFs can be a tool in planned giving: you can also choose to have any remaining DAF funds distributed to the nonprofit(s) of your choice after your lifetime by naming the nonprofit as a beneficiary of all or a portion of remaining funds.