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Foundation Support

Foundation support is critical to the programs and services Nine PBS provides in the St. Louis region. And many foundations find that their support of Nine PBS is closely aligned with their missions and values. Some foundations support programs that expand learning opportunities; others contribute to initiatives that help strengthen our community. Many also work in partnership with the Nine Network to build community resources as an investment in the future of our region.

Nine PBS also offers opportunities for foundations to support and become identified with broader initiatives, such as Homeland, our initiative on immigration that includes a documentary scheduled to air on public television stations nationwide in 2012.

Foundations that support Nine PBS achieve a high level of visibility and recognition for their charitable contributions, in our community and beyond. We recognize our supporting foundations on air, online, in Nine PBS Magazine, and in relevant promotions and collateral material.

For more information, call Peggy Goodfriend at (314) 512-9165 or send an email to

Current Support Foundations

Arthur & Helen Baer Foundation
Richard Baker Foundation
Gertrude & William Bernoudy Foundation
Boeing Employees Community Fund
Dana Brown Charitable Trust
Victor & Selene DeLiniere Foundation
Caleb & Julia Dula Foundation
Edward Chase Garvey Foundation
Clifford Willard Gaylord Foundation
Jordan Charitable Foundation
Laclede Gas Charitable Trust
Monsanto Fund
Saigh Foundation
Silk Foundation
Mildred, Herbert & Julian Simon Foundation
Norman J. Stupp Foundation
Trio Foundation of St. Louis
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Herbert & Adrian Woods Foundation
Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation
Olson Family Fund
Estelle W. & Karen S. Kalish Foundation
Edward H. & Rosemary Young Fund
The Mabel Dorn Reeder Foundation, Dr. Mabel L. Purkerson, Trustee
Harry Edison Foundation
Rotunda Foundation
Anne L. Lehmann Charitable Trust
Betsy & Thomas Patterson Foundation
Pershing Charitable Trust
Peters Family Charitable Fund
Max & Melba Erlich Charitable Foundation
Essman Family Charitable Foundation
Hecker Family Fund
Mysun Charitable Foundation, Sunny Glassberg, Trustee
Sawyer & Jean Marglous Foundation
Stupp Brothers Bridge & Iron Co. Foundation