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March/April 2024 Issue

Masterpiece has been essential Sunday night viewing for millions of fans since 1971. On March 17, two more series, with strong female lead characters, are added to the canon. Plus, programs that celebrate Women’s History Month and upcoming viewing on Nine PBS Passport. 

Helena Bonham Carter stars in the period drama, Nolly, set in the 1960s and 70s. The three-part miniseries shares a surprising slice of British TV history and celebrates a legendary and dazzling soap opera star. Noele “Nolly” Gordon's unceremonious firing from her hit show at the height of her career was front-page news. It’s a bold exploration of how the establishment turns on women who refuse to play by the rules, Nolly is an outrageously fun and wildly entertaining ride through Gordon’s most tumultuous years. 

The six-episode Alice & Jack is a love story for the ages. When Alice (Andrea Riseborough) and Jack (Domhnall Gleeson) first meet, they are bound by a powerful connection that seems nothing can break, but will their path lead them to a place of happiness and togetherness? Or will life and its emotional complexities get in the way? Honest, intimate, and surprisingly funny, the series shows love in all its unexpected, technicolor, kaleidoscopic beauty.

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