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Pathways to Work

Pathways to Work 

For over ten years, Nine PBS has partnered with trusted community organizations to understand barriers and solutions to improving outcomes for people in our community.  Our Pathways to Work initiative engages trusted partners to understand career pathways for youth in our community and opportunities for midcareer individuals to upskill or reskill in core pathways: manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and IT.  The goals of this initiative have been shaped by two of the greatest challenges our workforce partners face: diversifying talent pipelines and bringing awareness to, and dispelling negative perceptions of, high-demand, skilled careers – those jobs that require some training or education beyond a high school diploma, but not a four-year degree.

Roadtrip Nation Uncovers the Future of Skilled Work

Roadtrip Nation is a series that captures empowering stories that can give you the confidence and tools to find a career that matters to you. Students, career seekers, educators, and instructors can all benefit from watching this curated lineup of the future of skilled work. You can watch Roadtrip Nation live on Nine PBS (9.1 or Spectrum 709) or stream it at the scheduled times below or watch anytime on the free PBS Video App. 

Follow the journeys of groups of real people as they travel across the country in a green RV, sit down with professionals who share their interests, and gain insight into what it takes to overcome struggle and find personal success. 

For more than 10 years, Nine PBS has partnered with trusted community organizations to understand barriers and solutions to improving outcomes for people in the St. Louis community. As a result, we have amplified information on high-paying skilled work and the importance of destigmatizing the trades. Pathways to Work is supported in part by Lumina Foundation, RUNG for Women and Bank of America

Roadtrip Nation is not only a public television series, it’s a mission-driven nonprofit that provides stories and tools to help you find your path. Learn more at or follow them on social media.

Roadtrip Nation Specials Schedule 

Wednesdays at 10 pm on Nine PBS and livestream. Watch on the PBS Video App.

Skill Shift

The first special serves as an introduction to pathways to unconventional careers. Four people hit the road seeking answers to how you can adapt to the future without losing sight of yourself, as they balance their personal evolution with the rapidly shifting needs of the workforce. Along the way, they meet inspiring professionals pursuing careers where constant curiosity and skill acquisition are part of the job description.

Wednesday, July 6, 10 pm

Life Hackers - View Promo

The road-trippers go on a cross-country journey that goes "off road" and into the world of cyber security and interview the industry’s top leaders who tell them to don’t be afraid to “hack the system” if you want to enter the profession.

Wednesday, July 13, 10 pm

Rerouting - View Promo

Three job seekers at a turning point, their careers derailed by automation, falling wages, and loss of retirement funds. Dana, Bernita, and Jeremy are adults without a college education who feel they have been left behind by a changed economy. Interviewing innovators and leaders around the country shows the road trippers how mid-life workers can adapt to the changing landscape of work, technology, and education.

Wednesday, July 20, 10 pm

Do It Differently

Three young adults harness their individuality while searching for a sense of purpose by taking a road trip and talking to a handful of people who have defined success on their own terms.

Wednesday, July 27, 10 pm

Changing Gears - View Promo

This special opens the hood on the rapidly accelerating automobile technician industry, one that is driven by advanced training, specialized skills, and proficiency in today’s most innovative technology. The road trippers discover a wide array of technician careers that go far beyond wrench-turning.

Wednesday, August 3, 10 pm

The Next Mission - View Promo

Three veterans journey across the country to seek out fellow service members who have successfully transitioned into the workforce, and to obtain the insights they need to thrive in the next chapter of their own lives. The road-trippers discover that the skills cultivated in the military are not relegated to the battlefield; they can be translated to any number of exciting jobs.

Wednesday, August 10, 10 pm

Skill Powered - View Promo

This special explores the potential of vocational training in today's world. It follows three young adults as they shadow people across the country who are forging their own ways within their trades and uncovers the many ways people can experience career satisfaction and build a better life.

Wednesday, August 31, 10 pm

Living St. Louis

Living St. Louis Special: Pathways to Work


To explore the real-life stories behind the data in St. Louis Community College’s State of the St. Louis Workforce report, Living St. Louis: Pathways to Work features instructors, employers, and workers discussing the changes they believe are key to building an equitable regional economy. This program tells the stories of Gateway Global, a STEM-based apprenticeship and workforce development program helping to prepare young people for careers in the geospatial sector; the St. Louis Internship Program, helping young people develop the soft skills they need to be successful in the workplace; and the Workforce Solutions Group at St. Louis Community College that is upskilling and reskilling individuals in the trucking industry to fill crucial worker shortages.

2021 State of the St. Louis Workforce Report

This report explores the trends and challenges impacting our region’s employers and workforce and examines “Equitable Recovery, Equitable Opportunity, Equitable Growth” with a focus on aspects of the recently released STL 2030 Jobs Plan, including the definition of “quality jobs,” building the pipeline to equitable opportunity, the workforce of the future and the role employers, institutions and individuals can play in helping our region become a talent engine and magnet for workers living in St. Louis.

Download the Report

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, a PBS series, The Future of Work, explored the accelerated pace of change in the workplace and the potential for long-term impact on workers, employers, educators, and communities across our country.

Nine PBS’s Ruth Ezell hosted a panel conversation that digs into how national trends in reskilling, the gig economy, and inequity impact people in the St. Louis Region.

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About Nine PBS’s Regional Youth Employment Coalition (RYEC)

In 2020, members of the Regional Youth Employment Coalition (RYEC) entrusted Nine PBS to become its new leader and home. This partnership deepens Nine PBS’s commitment to foster economic empowerment and strengthen the quality of life through a racial equity lens by increasing youth employability, growing diverse talent pipelines, and impacting systemic change through synergistic, passion-driven collaboratives. 

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Community Resources and Reports

Trusted organizations in our region create reports and resources for employers and job seekers to better understand the workforce landscape.

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Nine PBS leverages our Community Engagement Model to understand the complexity of our region’s workforce ecosystem. These partners provide the basis for the goals of our Pathways to Work Initiative through ongoing discussions.

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