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The show that gives new meaning to the word "debate." See what happens when five quick-witted, highly opinionated St. Louis journalists disagree on tough topics. This is not another dry, tame talk show. On Donnybrook, the issues are hot and so is the discussion. It's a high-energy, no-holds-barred debate on the week's news topics. With tongue-in-cheek, Donnybrook's subtitle is "polite conversation on the issues." With host Charlie Brennan, the conversation is highly opinionated and not always "polite." The panel of regulars tackles tough issues and controversial subjects. The opinions are well-informed and widely divergent.

Tune in Thursdays at 7 pm, followed by Donnybrook Next Up at 7:30 pm on Nine PBS.


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Watch the Donnybrook & Donnybrook Next Up live stream on Thursdays at 7 pm on the 24/7 Nine PBS live stream.

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Donnybrook Next Up

While producing Donnybrook via Zoom during the pandemic, a second half hour of in-depth discussion was added to the Donnybrook family. Thursdays at 7:30 pm on Nine PBS.

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Donnybrook Podcast

Donnybrook is now available as a podcast on major podcast networks including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and TuneIn. Search for "Donnybrook" using your favorite podcast app!

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Learn more about the combatants who debate current local trends and hot political topics, who agree to disagree every week on Donnybrook.

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Join the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #DonnybrookSTL.


Ever want to ask the Donnybrookers a question in person? Now is your chance–become a member and receive tickets to the next DonnyBash.