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In the From the Archives section of Nine PBS Magazine, we look back at the influential programs and stories we have told since our community license was granted in 1954. This Living St. Louis segment on Josephine Baker from Senior Producer Ruth Ezell will be featured in the March/April 2021 issue.

St. Louis Moments | Living St. Louis

In the over 250 years since St. Louis was founded, there have been countless memorable moments that have shaped the history, culture, and identity of our city. Over the past 17 years, Living St. Louis has captured, told, and in a few cases, literally "dug up" those stories, creating an immense library of St. Louis moments. Take some time, and browse through some of the moments that make St. Louis the city that we know and love today.

St. Louis People | Living St. Louis

St. Louis has been called home by all sorts of celebrities, historical people, tremendous personalities, and regular folks who just have great local stories to share. Here are many of those stories we have told over the years. Learn about some of the greatest St. Louisans that have, and in many cases still do, live among us.

St. Louis Places | Living St. Louis

A city as rich with history as St. Louis has a unique blend of historical landmarks, memorable locations, and new favorite places. That is why St. Louis constantly surprises visitors with a something for everyone, regardless of what you want to see when you are in town. There also is no shortage of things to do for locals as well.