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2018 Saint Louis Climate Summit

International experts in climate science, ecology, sustainable development, and related disciplines convened at the 2018 Saint Louis Climate Summit, hosted by Saint Louis University as part of its Bicentennial Celebration. It was inspired by Pope Francis’ convocation of leaders to the Vatican in 2014, and the document that emerged to defend of the health and well-being of the planet.

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About the Climate Summit

The Saint Louis Climate Summit was dedicated to working to fulfill Pope Francis’ call to unite in defense of our common home. Saint Louis University proudly hosted the summit as part of its bicentennial anniversary celebration and honored Pope Francis’ call to unite leaders in defense of the health and well-being of the planet. As one of the most respected Jesuit educational institutions in the world, celebrating its 200-year anniversary in 2018 under the Catholic Church’s first-ever Jesuit Pope, there is perhaps no other institution as appropriate to convene a summit aimed at tackling the challenges outlined in Pope Francis’ 2014 Encyclical. Nine PBS served as SLU’s media partner, providing event and marketing management.

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