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Food Is Love Season 2
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In Season 2 of Food Is Love, Danish American Master Chef Lasse Sorenson continues his journey through the St. Louis food scene one story at a time. From Malaysian to Italian, and everything else in between, follow Chef Lasse as he explores food from around the world, and spends time getting to know the people who made it.

Mondays at 7:30 pm, beginning October 4, on Nine PBS and livestream.

Encore broadcasts Saturdays at 3:30 pm. 

Stream on the PBS Video App or online below.

Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: “The King of Clayton”
Chef Lasse Sorensen meets his Italian counterpart Tony Pietoso Owner of Cafe Napoli.  

Episode 2: “Angela Zeng”
Chef Lasse Sorensen meets several women making a difference in the City of St. Louis, including Angela Zeng, Chinese immigrant and creator of the prebiotic drink Karuna.  

Episode 3: “Music on the Side” 
Chef Lasse explores some of the connections to food and music in St Louis.  

Episode 4: “Akar” 
Chef Lasse Sorensen explores Malaysian food with transplant Bernie Lee of Akar in Clayton.  

Episode 5: “The Perfect Picnic” 
Chef Lasse Sorensen visits shops around St Louis to find everything he needs for the perfect picnic in Forest Park.  

Episode 6: “From Trainwreck to Courage” 
Chef Lasse travels to Key West in search of the best cheeseburger in paradise and meets St Louis restaurant owner Captain George Hansford of the Trainwreck Saloon.  

Episode 7: “Heidi Sky Hamamura” 
Chef Lasse Sorensen explores sushi and Japanese culture with St Louis Chef Heidi Skye Hamamura. 

Episode 8: “Sidney Street Cafe” 
Chef Lasse Sorensen spends time getting to know James Beard award winner Kevin Nashan of Sidney Street Cafe.