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Curriculum Information

This initiative was designed to address educational objectives for English Language Arts (ELA) for 6–8-year-old learners. Early learning curriculum is woven into every Drawn In adventure and empowers learners and their families to explore text in new and exciting ways through comic books. Comic books and graphic novels are considered effective tools to motivate children to read more, increase recall, problem-solving, and reading comprehension, and further enrich the skills of readers who are beginning, accomplished, reluctant, or who are English-language learners.

This interactive curriculum is based on National and Missouri/Illinois Common Core State Standards. The team uses research-based best practices, including English Language Arts (ELA) and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) fundamentals. Early learning lesson plans and playful learning activities support the framework of Drawn In videos, comic books, and website content.

Common Core Academic Vocabulary Words Tiers:

  • Tier One words are high-frequency, common words most children will know; they are used in everyday speech. 
  • Tier Two words are less familiar, yet useful vocabulary found in written text and shared between educators and learners in conversation. Tier 2 is considered "rich vocabulary" that may include multiple-meaning words, and Common Core State Standards refer to these as "general academic words."
  • Tier Three words have low-frequency use and are critical to understanding the concepts of the content taught in schools or specialized fields of study.

Many of Lady M's Magnificent Words are considered Tier Two words that aid in the transference of knowledge beyond English Language Arts. While vocabulary acquisition is central to our mission, the learning goals included with each comic also encompass other ELA standards, such as character, plot, and theme, which build on students' critical-thinking abilities. This curriculum was built to be fun, engaging, and learner-centered.