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Community Conversations Built Drawn In

We listened to our local community, advisors, and stakeholders to understand the needs and wants of our children. Our conversations deeply informed this work, and two clear messages emerged: 

  • When kids enjoy learning, they become more confident readers.  
    Reading is the foundation of learning, and we can do better to close the literacy gap. One primary goal of Drawn In is to help children improve their literacy skill sets relative to grade-level expectations for early elementary-aged kids. should be and can be fun!
  • Representation matters in our community.
    Another goal is to positively represent and celebrate Black and Brown kids. The Drawn In stories are about smart, fun, multidimensional kids who love reading and reflect some of the many identities of kids in our communities. All children benefit when exposed to authentic, non stereotypical characters who may be different from the viewer's own identity.

We hope this initiative is engaging, inspiring, and gives space for all early learners and their families to dream. The resources on this page are here to help grown-ups support kids in becoming confident learners and to share a love of adventure and stories.