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Join the Nine PBS Legacy Match 

Help for Tomorrow, While Making an Impact Today 

Nine PBS Legacy Match is the first legacy match opportunity in the history of our organization. It is an effort to expand the endowment at Nine PBS, so we can sustain our impact and service for future generations. 

How the Challenge Works

There are three simple steps. 

  1. Choose a legacy gift option: put us in your will, name us as the beneficiary of your retirement plan, or choose another option that works for you.
  2. Complete the “Letter of Intent” form and return it in to Nine PBS.
  3. Grow your impact now!

The information you provide on the Letter of Intent will ensure that our records are accurate and that we use your gift in the way that you intend. 

Real-World Examples 

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*All unspecified donations in estate plans result in a matching gift of $1,000.

Nine PBS Legacy Match FAQ

Q: What types of planned gifts qualify for the Nine PBS Legacy Match?
A: Planned gifts that are eligible for matching funds include bequests via will or living trust, beneficiary designations from a retirement account or bank account, charitable remainder trusts, and beneficiary designations of a donor-advised fund or designated fund. 

Q: If I have already documented a planned gift with Nine PBS, will it qualify for the Nine PBS Legacy Match?
A: Thank you very much for documenting your planned gift with Nine PBS. The Nine PBS Legacy Match is meant to encourage the creation of new planned gifts or to inform us about previously established but unreported planned gifts. 

Q: How do I document my planned gift for the Nine PBS Legacy Match?
A: You can document your planned gift by submitting the Nine PBS Legacy Match Letter of Intent to us.  Download the form here. Downloaded forms should be completed and returned via email to or via mail to Nine PBS, Office of Planned Giving, 3655 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63108.

Q: Why should I let Nine PBS know of my plans?
A: By letting us know of your plans you can maximize the impact of your bequest by providing both immediate and long-term support to Nine PBS.

Q: What if the value of my bequest exceeds $500,000? Will I qualify for more than $25,000 matching funds?
A: We have set a cap of $25,000 on matching funds. Since one purpose of the Nine PBS Legacy Match is to reward many people for documenting their planned gifts to Nine PBS, we do not want to expend all our matching funds on only a small number of large bequests. Contact Royal Bromell at if you would like to contribute more than $25,000 to Nine PBS.

Contact Us 

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