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St. Louis Partners Bring Focus to Importance of Water

More than 20 St. Louis area organizations and businesses are partnering to bring focus to the connection between water and the health of our lands, people and economies. Launched in the spring of 2014, the initiative focuses on why water matters and what individuals can do to protect the health of our water.

Bush Honeysuckle

Invasive Bush Honeysuckle is taking over urban areas and Missouri woodlands. It is strangling native plants and trees and limiting access to our creeks and streams.

Featured Business Resource

Learn about the Green Dining Alliance

Featured Landowner Resource

Learn how to incorporate native plants into your landscape.

Featured Homeowner Resource

Learn how your garden can protect our water resources.

Funders / Partners

Funded in part by
Missouri American Water
Missouri Water Infrastructure Partnership
MSD Project Clear

And in partnership with
OneSTL and The Nature Conservancy